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Tired of the BS, I want something real.
Woman Seeking A Man
Age 48 From Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Basic Information

    I Can Speak: English
    I Would Describe Myself As: I'm a bit of a tomboy...always have been. I prefer wearing t-shirts & jeans, hoodies, boots or sneakers, ball caps, & stuff like that.
    I sorta have a warped sense of humor & can be kinda weird. I'm fairly sarcastic, but it's all in fun. I'm pretty smart. Sometimes I just know stuff, but I don't know how I happen to know it. Lol. I'm honest, respectful, caring, loving, big hearted, loyal (sometimes to a fault), & enjoy the simple things in life. I'd rather go to the park, or cook a meal together, than eat at a fancy restaurant. Though that really is nice once sometimes.
    I'm looking for a LTR. I don't do the short term, "get your fix & leave" kinda relationship, or FWB. I'm kind of old school... I like to hold hands, be silly/goofy, have fun, steal kisses, wrap our arms around each other, snuggle up together, nice tight hugs, & deep kissing (seriously love kissing), a lot!! I enjoy giving & receiving affection... even if it's just little things.
    I like discovering new things, experience new places & I'd love to be able to travel. There's so much I want to see, & I want to do it all with that special someone. There's a few "bucket list" places I'd love to possibly venture to one day... London, Paris, Ireland, Rome, & hopefully more. And of course places all over the US too. I'd definitely love to see New Orleans again. I've only been there once, but missed out on a few things at the time. It was also Memorial Day weekend 2005, just over 3 months before Hurricane Katrina hit, so it was super hot & humid. I LOVED that place was unbelievably awesome, & I definitely want to experience it again! I seriously loved the vibes & atmosphere there!
    Sports teams I like... Vikings, Wild, Titans, & Predators. I like watching the games on TV, but if I miss it, it's not a big deal.
    I LOVE Harley's & custom bikes (I have my MC license but no bike), classic cars & street rods, big beefy trucks, along with tattoos & piercings. I also love old buildings, even ones that are falling apart or abandoned. It's the character, unknown stories, & mystery of them. Pics of those places are great too, even if it is only an outside view.
    I'm a major lover of bonfires, snuggling with my special someone, & spending time with friends & family. Family is important to me, & they're not always blood relatives either.
    Besides old buildings, I love going to thrift & antique stores. Some items there have great character. I also love the old items, like nick-nacks & collectables... at least they're collectables to me.
    I really love horror movies & books. I also like action-adventure, comedy, romantic comedy, chick flicks, & other movies. I'm not a fan of foreign film, or having to read subtitles throughout a movie. If I'm gonna read, I'll grab a book. Haha. Besides horror books, I also like books about the paranormal, true/real-life stories or real crime, mystery, or funny stuff, like the crazy family life of the author.
    I like working with my hands, & I can do quite a bit. I'm fairly handy... I do DIY stuff & some home fixes. I also do a lot of different kinds of crafts too. Some are, drawing, painting, knitting, card making, sewing (hand & machine), jewelry making, & more. I enjoy baking, making desserts & that kind of stuff. That's where my Associates Degree comes in.
    Now...last, but not least... I said that I don't want kids, but it's that I don't want any of my own. I can explain later, if interested. If you have kids of your own, that's great! I'd love to know them & have them as a part of my life. If you would want more kids, I'd be willing to adopt... there's too many kids out there who need homes, especially older ones.

    So, I don't have a membership, sorry, but I hope to soon. I have an F book for Christine Brown (Chris).
    Now, since I rambled on forever, which I tend to do sometimes (ok, a lot), I will end it here. If you read all this, you're crazy, & thank you so much. Have a great day...or night.
    Sign: Sagittarius

Appearance & Situation

    My Body Type Is: Heavyset
    My Height Is: 5' 7 (1.7 m)
    My Eyes Are: Blue
    My Ethnicity Is: Caucasian
    My Marital Situation Is: Never Married
    I Have Kids: No
    I Want Kids: No
    My Best Feature Is: Eyes
    Body Art: Other, Pierced... But Only Ear(s), Strategically Placed Tattoo, Visible Tattoo
    My Hair Is: Dark Blonde
    I Have One Or More Of These: Cat

More About You

    How many tattoos do you have?: 5+
    How many tattoos do you want your partner to have?: 5+
    What is your favorite tattoo?: H.D. tattoo that I drew up myself and had done
    What will your next tattoo be?: Not sure...there's a few I have in mind
    Are your tattoos hidden?: Can easily be covered
    How old were you when you got your first tattoo?: 16-21 years old
    Have you ever had a tattoo removed/lasered off?: No
    Do you have any tattoos you regret?: No


    My Education Level Is: College Degree
    My Current Employment Status Is: Work At Home
    My Speciality Is: Art / Music / Literature
    My Job Title Is: Artist / Crafter/ Writer
    I Live: With Parent(s), With Pet(s)
    At Home: Friends Come Over Occasionally
    I'm A Smoker: No
    I Drink: Yes - Socially


    Back In High School, I Was A: Quiet One
    My Social Behavior Is: Shy, Observant, Friendly, Comedic
    My Interest And Hobbies Are: Family, Dining, Photography, Reading, Arts & Crafts, Learning, Music, Tv, Movies, Internet, Games, Theater, Travel, Cars, Playing Cards, Computers
    My Idea Of A Great Time Is: Hanging Out With Friends, Going Shopping, Staying At Home, Trying New Things, The Movies, Relaxing, Reading A Book, Tv, Going To A Concert, Going To A Museum
    An Ideal First Date Would Be: Meet up for coffee or lunch, so you have a chance to talk & get to know each other in a quieter setting. Then if things go well, maybe go for a walk or motorcycle ride afterwards. We could always make a day of it too, if it's all going very well.
    I've Always Wanted To Try: * Learning how to shoot a gun or rifle (target shooting/marksmanship?)
    * Learn archery
    * Drive a race going fast!
    My Friends Describe Me As Being: Friendly, Goofy


    My Religion Is: Spiritual But Not Religious
    I Attend Services: Never
    My Political Views Are: I Don't Like Politics
    My Goal In Life Is: To be a better version of myself... improve on myself. To have my own family, even if it ends up being pretty small. A husband & myself. If he happens to have kids, then they would be a part of our family as well, of course...duh. Lol. I don't want any kids of my own, but I'd be more than happy to have his kids around & part of my life too. If my guy really wants more kids, I'd be willing to adopt. There's a lot of kids out there who need homes, especially older kids.
    My Kind Of Humor Is: Clever, Dry / Sarcastic, Goofy


    On Tv, I Always Watch: News, Dramas, Movies, Reality Shows, Re-runs
    My Top 3 Tv Shows Are: 2 Broke Girls, Last Man Standing, & NCIS series, & a bunch more
    When I Go To The Movies, I Always Go To See A: Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, Animation, Horror, Thriller
    My Top 3 Movies Are: The Crow, The Lost Boys, 80's rom-com, & many more
    When Listening To Music, I Always Listen To: Country, Rock, Metal, Pop
    My Top 3 Musical Artists Are: Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, 80's, Metallica, Godsmack, Linkin Park, & more
    When I Read, I Always Read: Fiction, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Erotica, Supernatural
    My Top 3 Books Are: By Sylvia Day, Stephen King, Laurie Notaro, Celia Rivenbark
    My Idea Of Fun Is: LOVE bonfires with family & friends, but it's even better with that special person. Last minute road trip, motorcycle ride, movie at home or in theater, visit a zoo or museum. There's a lot more that I think is fun. I'm pretty flexible on things to do..I like the simple (and cheap) things to do for fun. Lol

Looking for

    What Do You Find Attractive?: Wit, Flirtatiousness, Spontaneity, Boldness, Sensitivity, Empathy, Great Skills, Humor, Good Looks, Thoughtfullness, Intelligence
    What Do You Look For?: A guy who is kinda laid back & easy going, but also spontaneous & fun. Similar interests as me, but enough differences to do our own things at times. A guy who can be tough & protect me, if he needs to, but is also a big sweetheart. Someone who's friendly, funny, loving, caring, honest, respectful, loyal, & an all around great person.
    What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking?: Friend, Date, Intimate, Committed